Some Background on Wells Fargo

In 1852, Henry Wells and William Fargo formed Wells Fargo to provide banking and express services to California. The banking and express services separated in 1905, but Wells Fargo Bank retains the stagecoach as imagery of it's history. Wells Fargo also maintains 11 museums throughout the U.S. with artifacts from the early time period of Wells Fargo's existence.

By July, 2015 Wells Fargo wasn't only one of the "Big Four" banks in the United States, it also had the title of the world's largest bank as measured by market capitalization. It achieved this feat predominately by merging with Norwest Corporation in the 1990s followed by the government engineered purchase of Wachovia in 2008.

Currently, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is the largest retail mortgage lender in the United States. Some of that is probably due to their strong practice of cross-selling services to existing customers. If you have a checking or savings account, Wells Fargo will use every opportunity to push other banking products they offer.

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